Commercial vs Premium Dog Food

The difference is between commercial and premium dog food.

The debate is on for humans’ best loved companions, their dogs and the food they consume. Do these owners really know what they are feeding their best friends? And if they do, would they want to eat what they’re feeding their pets? The difference is between whether they’re feeding them commercial or premium dog food.

Commercial dog food is all that in itself. It’s commercial. The companies are focused on business and appealing to the owners instead of any nutritional health supplements for the animals. By simply adding colors and cutting the morsels into shapes, it looks better to the owner. No matter if the morsel is cut into the shape of a bone or square, your dog will eat it.

But it is cheaper to make a dog food with a high percentage of corn or wheat gluten than more protein. Almost every commercial dog food has two forms of corn within the first three ingredients. Corn is extremely hard for canines to digest leaving it as a supplement that passes through the body without any nutritional aspect other than filling their hungry need.

And what about the small amount of protein that’s in commercial dog food? This so called protein is found in animals by products and other parts of the animals found to be too rancid for human consumption. Rendering plants all over the US render chicken heads, hooves, intestines, etc. Very little of what commercial companies call protein is actually a supplement with very little protein packed into it.

Premium dog food on the other hand offers a much more complete meal for your pet. It offers an array of actual cuts of meat and vegetables in which are consumable and digestible for your pet. Artificial flavorings and colors are not added to the morsels, but needed vitamins of a varying array are. Thus, your dog will not need to eat as much to achieve the nutritional benefits of the commercial dog food.

While price often times can be a determining factor, make sure you ask yourself if you would want to eat what’s in the bag and how much poop you want to clean up. Commercial dog food causes for more to clean up whereas the pet needs to eat significantly more to gain little in nutritional value.